Grace Glass – Limited Edition Bubbler
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Aside from the usual low-cost but effective bongs created by Grace Glass, occasionally you can get your hands on one of their limited edition products. These are typically slightly more expensive than their regular bongs but the extra budget gives the brand a chance to show off their considerable expertise in smoking gear. The product we’re looking at today is part of their limited edition series, here’s what they’ve come up with.

A dab rig that offers versatility

From the outside, this doesn’t look much different from their regular bubbler. It’s made from thick borosilicate glass with the signature reinforced vaper stem. It has an elegant look thanks to the smooth sharp lines in the design and an extra large, ergonomic mouth-piece. Like most bubblers in this range, it also features the iconic Grace Glass decal as well as black highlights on the joints and mouth-piece.

This limited edition bubbler offers a lot of versatility. When you want to smoke concentrates you simply attach the concentrates bowl, with its heat resistant handles, and fire up the glass nail that’s provided. If you prefer a old-school session, then you simply whip the concentrate bowl off and attach a traditional herb bowl. It’s the kind of versatility I like to see on a more expensive product which really secures the investment.

The limited edition Grace Glass bubbler is capable of delivering large hits. The bowls are cavernous and allow you to pack a lot of herbs, or concentrates, inside. The design of the main chamber resembles an upside down cone, which means you get a huge amount of space in the upper half. The sheer size of the hits you can get here is super impressive and makes this the perfect tool for sharing with friends during a session.

One of the smoothest smokes

I said at the beginning, the limited edition series is a chance for Grace Glass to show off their expertise. On this model, that’s been applied to the filtration system. The first half is relatively standard-fare. You pull the smoke down the fixed stem where it passes through a shower-head percolator. Shower heads have much more holes than slit percolators and tend to filter smoke much more effectively.

The second part is a little bit special. The cool, filtered vapor then runs through another fritted disc before it reaches the main chamber and your lungs. The fritted disc filters out any left-over impurities and delivers an exceptionally pure tasting smoke. In fact, for a product in this price range, it delivers one of the smoothest smokes on the marketplace.

This product may be limited edition, but it’s certainly not just for the novelty. The dual filter system is really impressive, whilst the reinforced joints and stem ensure a long lifespan. My only issue with this product is that the joints are fixed. This makes it a bit tricky to clean and transport. Having said that, judging by the solid feel of this product, you shouldn’t have any trouble slinging this into a bag in one whole piece.


  • Smoothest vape around
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Built to last
  • Limited edition
  • Fritted disk
  • A lot of bang for your buck
  • Cons

  • Doesn’t look the best
  • Not the most portable
  • Complex parts make cleaning difficult
  • Summary: The limited edition bubbler is going down as the editor’s choice for our list. It’s in the upper range price wise but you get such good features and a perfect vape to boot. If you want to get one you need to get one fast as they’re a limited edition product that’s sure to sell out soon.

    Grace Glass has an excellent reputation in the industry, but I always feel that their products are limited a bit by their low-cost ethos. This limited edition bubbler goes some way to demonstrating the expertise and delivers one of the softest flavors on the market. The double filtration system isn’t just a gimmick and really works well.

    The chamber, herb bowl and concentrates bowl is large enough to use this as a sharing piece between friends, or just loading up some serious solo smokes. A neat product with a convincing price-tag and some clever technology thrown in.

    RatingRated 3.5 stars