Snoop Dogg Pounds Spaceship Vapor Bubbler
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Snoop Dogg’s partnership with Famous Brandz is a well-documented one. You can search on Youtube and find videos of Snoop Dogg explaining how to use this or that product the right way. It’s a great partnership between a committed smoker and a committed designer. The product that set it all off was the Spaceship Vapor bubbler. A complex looking, high-value bubbler that was so good, Snoop Dogg put his name on it.

Elegant, unique and powerful

The first thing to mention with this product is the box. It’s an elegant, white cube not unlike iPhone packaging. It may seem shallow, but when you make a larger investment, things like the box are part of the product. This looks sharp and can be used as a house for the bubbler in the long-term.

Out of the box, the Spaceship Vapor bubbler looks out of this world. There’s very little to compare it too in the current market. The main chamber has been designed with width rather than height to deliver thick hits. The concentric cylinders that make up the chamber and the base are pleasing to look at while all of this bubbler is constructed from extra thick, borosilicate glass. Buyers are able to choose between two stock colors: black or green glass highlights.

From the top of the cylinder emerge two tubes. The first is the mouth-piece which is suitably wide and curves to make smoking easier. The second tube rises straight upwards with a Quartz banger at the top, alongside a vapor dome. The use of Quartz is exactly what we’d expect to see on a product in this price range. It heats up super-fast and won’t wear over time in the same way that glass will.

A must have for professional dabbing!

When you’re loading the spaceship up what strikes you is the amount of space you have. The bowl is rounded, deep with enough space to really load up the concentrates. Drawing through the mouth-piece takes the smoke down-stem into a miniature shower-head percolator filter. Using a smaller filter like this means there’s more room in the bowl to fill with vape.

The Spaceship lands some seriously heavy hits. The stems, chamber, and bowl are all large enough to deliver a strong smoke. Furthermore, because the overall design is less cluttered, it won’t collect dirt over time in the same way that other bubblers will. From looking at it, all you’d really need to do is give it a quick rinse from time-to-time keeping it ready for use.

For those who prefer a simpler way to smoke, you can easily remove the vapor dome. This makes it a little less glamorous but it doesn’t really impact the size or quality of the hits. In spite of being small, the shower-head percolator is very well made. It delivers small individual drops of vaper into the water which, when drawn through, is surprisingly soft and cool.


  • Best quality vape
  • Shower head filtration
  • Looks amazing
  • Large capacity
  • Added safety features
  • Cons

  • Kind of expensive
  • For serious smokers only
  • Summary: Snoop Dogg’s Spaceship bubbler is decidedly more expensive than most products on the marketplace. For that you get excellent materials, like the Quartz dome, and a stunning design. The elegant box doubles up as a long-term storage device whilst the chamber is roomy enough to pack in the big hits.

    Even though the percolator looks small it manages to get the job done, delivering clean vapor time after time. As a bubbler, this one is almost twice the price of others on the market, however, when you take into account the quality build materials, deep bowls and chamber it’s still excellent value for money.

    If you want the finest smoke in 2017 then get the Snoop Dogg Pounds Spaceship Vapor Bubbler. Yes, it’s expensive, but for the features, you get it’s totally worth the money. If you’re a serious vaper, then this is the serious investment for you. It looks cool and it has the best available technology in glass oil rigs. You still don’t believe me? Check out the reviews for this thing, they’re off the charts.